Spider-Man 2 Lights Camera Action! Swing into Stunning Shots & Be Spider-Man’s Photographer!

Spider-Man 2 Lights Camera Action? In New York City, being a hero isn’t just about saving the day and stopping bad guys. Spider-Man (or, in this case, Miles Morales), your friendly neighborhood vigilante, is sometimes asked to do something different. One that requires a little less hitting and a little more… shooting.

How do you say Spider-Man 2 Lights Camera Action?

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, “Lights, Camera, Action!” is a side task during the plot of Brooklyn Visions. It tells Miles Morales to help a student with a school project who needs helicopter footage of the college grounds. It may not sound as exciting as going up against Venom, but this task is a fun and playful break from the main story and gives you some useful items.

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A Hand to Lend to Brooklyn Visions

The task starts when you get a message from the Brooklyn Visions Club, a group of students whose job it is to promote the school. They are having some technical problems. Their drone, which they were going to use to take pictures of the school, is not working. This is where you, the great Spider-Man, step in!

Where to Find the Mission

The “Lights, Camera, Action!” task icon will show on your map in Williamsburg. Head over to the marked spot, and you’ll find yourself staring at a rooftop with a rather unhappy student working with a broken drone.

The Mission Breakdown

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the task itself. Here’s what you need to do to ensure this student director gets the right college shots:

Recovering the Drone

Scaling the Building: The first step includes a little wall-crawling activity. Ascend the building close to the student’s position. You’ll find the faulty drone hanging dangerously on the rooftop.

Interacting with the Drone: Interact with the drone to rescue it. You might be shocked that it’s still working, just with a camera failure.

Fixing the Camera

A Glitch in the System: Unfortunately, the drone’s camera seems to be on the fritz. Don’t worry, though, this tech-savvy kid has an answer. They’ll tinker with the drone and get it back in working order, but not before asking for a little favor from their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Becoming a Web-Slinging Cameraman

Taking the Perfect Campus Shot (Part 1)

Here’s where things get interesting – you move from hero to honored cameraman!

Equipping the Camera: The student will equip you with a special camera that allows you to take amazing flying shots while you swing through the city. Pretty cool, right?

Capturing the Sky Bridge: Your first job is to take a picture of the university’s famous Sky Bridge. This is a simple shot. Simply equip the camera (swipe up on the screen) and aim it towards the Sky Bridge while standing on the rooftop. Make sure you get a good layout with the bridge covering the frame and the surrounding buildings giving context. Once you’re happy, take the shot!

A Scenic Tour from Above

Taking the Perfect Campus Shot (Part 2 & 3):

But the goal doesn’t stop there. The student director wants a more complete view of the school, so they’ll ask you to take two extra shots from different viewing spots.

Reaching the Tall Buildings: Thankfully, the game offers helpful marks on your HUD that suggest the ideal places for the final pictures. These signs will guide you toward two of the largest buildings near the university grounds.

Snapping Photos from Different Angles: Reach these marked roofs using your trusty web-slinging skills. Once you’re in place, equip the camera and take pictures showing different parts of the school from those higher spots. Think about catching elements like the wide green areas, the busy student center, or a unique building feature. Play around with angles and zoom to create lively and artistically interesting layouts.

Rewards and Completion

A Helping Hand Recognized: Once you’ve caught all three shots, return to the student director on the original rooftop. They’ll be thrilled with the results and show you thanks for your assistance. Completing this job not only gets you some hero points but also opens some valuable gifts.

Beyond the Mission: Exploring Brooklyn Visions

The Importance of Side Missions: “Lights, Camera, Action!” might seem like a simple, fun side quest, but it serves a greater purpose within the game. Here’s why:

Benefits of Completing “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Unlocking extra material: Completing tasks for Brooklyn Visions, including “Lights, Camera, Action!”, adds to unlocking extra material related to the story of Miles Morales. These tasks fill out the world-building and provide additional insights into the problems and goals of the student body.

Expanding the Story of Miles Morales: By helping out the student directors, you’re not just assisting them with a project – you’re indirectly adding to the good picture of Spider-Man within the university. This improves the link between Miles and the people he guards.

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Tips and Tricks for Mastering “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Utilizing Your Web-Slinging Skills: Remember, you’re Spider-Man! Don’t be afraid to use your web-slinging skills to your advantage while moving between roofs. This task is a great chance to practice your flying moves and showcase your speed.

Acing those High-Flying Photos: While the game doesn’t offer detailed camera options, there’s still room for imagination. Here are some tips for getting amazing flying shots:

Think about Framing: Experiment with different zoom levels and camera settings to create interesting compositions.
Capture the Cityscape: Don’t focus solely on the school itself. Include the nearby scenery in your shots to provide context and showcase the university’s place within the busy urban environment.
Utilize the Environment: Look for interesting foreground elements like trees, buildings, or even Spider-Man himself to add depth and visual interest to your pictures.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”: A Fun Diversion or a Stepping Stone?

The Significance of Side Missions in Open-World Games

“Lights, Camera, Action!” might not be the most action-packed task in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but it serves an important role in open-world games. Side tasks like this one offer a break from the main story, allowing players to explore the game world, connect with different characters, and find secret details that expand the overall plot.


So, there you have it! With these tips and a little web-slinging skill, you’ll catch award-winning college photos in no time. Remember, while saving the city is important, sometimes being Spider-Man means giving a helping hand, even if it includes picking up a camera instead of throwing a punch.

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Do I need to finish any specific tasks before starting “Lights, Camera, Action!”?

No, there are no requirements for this task. You can face it as soon as you open the Brooklyn Visions plot in the game.

What happens if I miss the drone on the rooftop?

Don’t worry, the drone won’t fly away. If you miss it on your first try, simply climb back up the building and interact with it to recover it.

Are there any different ways to take the college photos?

No, the game gives exact places for the three shots you need to take. However, you do have some artistic freedom within those places. Experiment with different views and zoom levels to catch unique and artistically interesting shots.

What other prizes can I earn from finishing Brooklyn Visions missions?

Completing tasks for Brooklyn Visions opens different prizes, including:

Tech coins: These coins can be used to improve your tools and powers, making you a more effective hero.
clothes: Helping out Brooklyn Visions might open new clothes for Miles Morales, allowing you to customize his look.
Story Progression: As stated earlier, finishing Brooklyn Visions tasks add to opening extra story material linked to Miles Morales and the university community.

How does “Lights, Camera, Action!” add to the general story of Miles Morales?

While appearing playful, “Lights, Camera, Action!” plays a minor role in the plot. By supporting Brooklyn Visions, you’re helping to change the public image of Spider-Man within the university. This supports the good effect Miles has on the community and improves his relationship with the people he defends.

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